Your interpretation

Are you organizing an international meeting? Do you need everyone to understand and be understood despite the language barrier? We can help! From analysing your needs to our after-sales service, we will ensure your event is successful. First, decide what kind of interpretation you need: simultaneous, consecutive, or whispered. We can help you choose by looking at the number of participants, the size of the room, and the translation equipment required.
We choose just the right interpreters, according to the languages you need and the subject matter.

We can also book or order technical equipment for you (sound, booths, consoles, microphones, headsets, earphones, etc.). And we can arrange travel and accommodation for the interpreters. Prior to the meeting, you should provide interpreters with all the documents they need to prepare. The more documents they have to familiarise themselves with the subject matter and terminology, the more faithful and accurate their interpretation will be. On the day of your meeting, our project manager will go to the site to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Simultaneous interpreting

Conference interpreters generally work in a booth that shuts out any background noise. Using earphones, they simultaneously interpret what the speaker is saying. However, as this work is so intensive, they need to be replaced every 30 to 40 minutes by a colleague. We can of course advise you and provide all the necessary technical equipment (sound, booths, headsets, microphones, earphones, consoles, etc.). This sort of interpreting is suitable for the following types of meetings:

Financial meetings:

• Presentation of financial results
• Annual General Meetings
• Meetings of Analysts

Medical or scientific meetings:

• Medical conferences
• Scientific conferences
• Pharmaceutical round-table meetings

Event-related meetings:

  • Product launches
  • Annual conventions
  • Managerial seminars

Company meetings:

• European Works Councils
• Special Negotiation Bodies
• International trade union meetings

Radio and television interpreting

Sémaphores has always specialised in interpreting for radio and television programmes. We work with most channels on the French audiovisual scene, and our interpreters can translate sports, cultural, musical, and home-shopping programmes. We can advise you on the choice of interpreter depending on the person speaking (voice, gender, age, style, subject, etc.). Here are some examples of programmes we have worked on:

Sports programmes

Entertainment programmes

Home-shopping programmes

Bidule interpreting

In some cases it is not possible to install an interpreter’s booth, but you still need simultaneous interpretation. If the number of attendees allows (a maximum of 50), you can use a system known as a “bidule” or guided tour. Interpreters are in the room and use a microphone to interpret for attendees with headsets. We can supply this system, which is lightweight and requires no advance installation. It is ideal for factory or lab tours: the interpreter follows the guide and translates what he or she says for visitors who do not understand the language. This type of interpretation is ideal for the following types of meetings:

Health inspections

Factory tours

Fairs, exhibitions

We also do…

Whispered interpreting

With this form of interpreting, which requires no technical equipment, the interpreter whispers simultaneously into the ears of just one or two people. As with simultaneous interpreting, the interpreters have to be replaced every 30 minutes by a colleague.

Telephone interpreting

In some circumstances, a telephone conference can be held in which two people speak to each other in different languages with an interpreter’s help. Each speaker can be in a different country, and the interpreter can work from home, which allows everyone to save on travel costs and do their part to protect the planet.