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Do you have a text that needs translating? We are here to help! At Sémaphores, we examine the text to be translated and then choose the best translator to supply you with an accurate, ready-to-use, and fit-for-purpose translation. Whatever the field or language, Sémaphores will find the right person for your project, since the accuracy of the translation can be paramount. For example, a mistake in a medical report or financial analysis can have serious consequences. Some of the areas we cover include medical, financial, technical, and legal translations.

We hand pick our translators after a lengthy series of translation tests and an interview. Each translation is also re-read and corrected by a professional reviewer. At Sémaphores, we are committed to providing you with a top-quality product that is faithful to the original text.

Technical translation


Translating a technical text requires the services of a specialised translator with expert knowledge of the terminology and specifics of that field. Not only do translators have to speak both languages, they also need to have extensive knowledge of the subjects they translate. Our translators are also often engineers, which helps them picture the processes being described. They may translate, among other things:

  • Instructions
  • Specifications
  • Manuals and directions for use
  • Technical data sheets
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Medical translation

A medical report in a foreign language can be problematic for two reasons: the translator has to know the vocabulary in both languages, and also needs in-depth knowledge of medicine. At Sémaphores, our medical translations are given to specialists in the field in question, who regularly attend training courses and have their translations revised by doctors. Some examples of the types of document translated are given below:

  • Medical reports
  • Training modules
  • Explanatory leaflets for medicines
  • Medical brochures
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Scientific translation


Are you a student researcher who needs your thesis or article translated for a top-level scientific journal? Give us a call. We will find a professional translator in your field of expertise to provide a quality translation in just the right register, using the codes of your sector and the appropriate terminology. We can also summarise your work and then translate it. Here are some examples of texts we translate:

  • Doctoral theses
  • Master’s theses
  • Articles for publication in scientific journals
  • Scientific conference proceedings
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Legal translation

Given what is at stake in legal translation, mistakes are not an option. Whether you have a contract, bill of sale, or speech for the defence, your translator needs to have in-depth knowledge of both languages and the law in the two countries in question. We have a large database of professional translators who specialise in legal translation. Below is a short list of documents we can translate:

  • Sales terms and conditions
  • Expert’s reports
  • Patents
  • Decrees, laws, bills
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Financial translation


Do you need your annual report, financial results, or accounting documents translated into one or more languages? Accounting, economic, and financial concepts are often expressed differently across languages and countries. Translators must therefore be fluent in both languages and completely familiar with principles and standards in each country. Below are just some examples of texts we can translate:

  • Annual reports
  • Management and audit reports
  • Financial results
  • Stock exchange reports
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IT Translation

IT systems are clearly critical to the management of a company. However, IT vocabulary, especially in a foreign language, requires specific knowledge. At Sémaphores we have the best IT translators, who produce texts that are faithful to the specific terminology in French or any other language. Here are some examples of documents we can translate:

  • Software programs and their instructions
  • Instruction manuals for computer equipment
  • Computer programming
  • Computer language
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Tourism translation


For hotel or restaurant managers who want to attract as many foreign visitors as possible, we have a team of translators specialised in tourism, gastronomy, and wine. After all, the names of French dishes must be properly translated if they are to whet the appetites of foreign tourists! Here are some of the texts we translate:

  • Restaurant menus
  • Recipes
  • Tourist guides
  • Museum tour guides
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Journalism translation

In this era of globalisation, information sources are increasingly multilingual. Our team of multi-cultural translators can translate articles you want to publish in another country or press releases written in another language. Our translators are often from foreign countries themselves, which enables them to grasp the specific linguistic and cultural subtleties. We can translate documents such as:

  • Press releases
  • Websites and blogs
  • Articles posted on social media
  • Press reviews
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